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Etoile - Power of 9®  纯天然植物油 (250ml)
Etoile - Power of 9®  纯天然植物油 (250ml)

Etoile - Power of 9® 纯天然植物油 (250ml)

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Power of 9

Apricot - High in Vit A & polyunsaturated fatty acids. Regulates moisture & protects delicate sensitive skin.

Grapeseed - High concentration of protein & minerals. Assists cell regeneration. Concentrated amounts of linoleic acid, one of the most important antioxidant in the world to protect against free radicals.

S. Almond - Rich concentration of oleic & linoleic EFA. A great emollient to balance & nurture stressed skin.

White Tea Extract - A normal antioxidant to protect skin & hair against free radical damage.

Sunflower - Concentrated amount of Vit. E. Maintains firmness & elasticity.

Macadamia - Contains Omega 3 & Omega 6 EFA, essential in maintaining skin barrier function. Only vegetable oil known to have substantial amounts of palmitoleic acid, a proven antioxidant.

Wheatgerm - Wheat germ oil is a highly rich unrefined oil that is one of the richest sources of Vitamin E, A and D. It also has a high content of proteins and Lecithin.Triglycerides with high % of Vit. F, phytosterols & lecithin. Vital treatment for dry & mature skin.

Jojoba - Closely resembles natural skin sebum. Excellent moisturiser. Contains Vit. C & myristic acid for anti-   inflammatory actions.

E. Primrose - Rich source of gamma linoleic acid. Effective against skin dermatitis.

Endowed with nature’s richness, Power of 9 calms and nourishes skin to good health and vitality! Perfect for a relaxing massage to soothe fatigue, stress and tension.

Unique blend of powerful oils without weighing down. Legendary Shine & Long-Lasting frizz protection.